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Enhancing student engagement using story-based videos

Presented by

  • Feng-Ru Sheu (Kent State University)


In response to the evolving changes in the teaching and learning environment, we re-designed several learning videos to encourage a more engaging learning experience by incorporating new instructional strategies, specifically story-based learning. In contrast to conventional screen-recorded video tutorials with narratives, story-based videos were developed with cartoon characters, settings, and contexts similar to student life. Both types of videos were used for library instruction. Informal assessments have shown that both types of tutorials were effective in terms of student learning outcomes. We conducted a user study with 50 first-year students with two kinds of videos to address student engagement. The poster will share the detailed results and comments from students. The main takeaways are that while the immediate learning outcomes were similar, student engagement and confidence level were higher for the story-based video. And, when students were asked about their preferences of presentation type if given an option, the majority of them choose story-based presentation. This study tests the approach in an academic library setting with undergraduate students and potentially can lead to improvements in information literacy programs and inform library practices. We believe the story-based approach has great potential to enhance student learning in an online setting as well.




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Feng-Ru Sheu is an Instructional Design Librarian at Kent State University Libraries (KSUL). She received her Ph.D. in Instructional System Technology, Specialist in Information Science, and a MLS from Indiana University. Her unique position at KSUL contributes to research, development, and evaluation activities in the area of instructional design and focuses on enhancing the quality of the student learning experience through the application of pedagogy and emerging technologies. Her primary research interests include the application of learning theories, instructional approaches (e.g., problem-based learning, game-based learning, flipped classroom, etc.), and innovative technology in online, in-person, and blended learning environments.

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