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Exploring Social Justice through Metaliteracy and Algorithms

Presented by

  • Catie Carlson (University of Cincinnati)


With the increased proliferation of artificial intelligence, algorithms play an unavoidable role in our lives. While many trust the algorithms without question, there is growing scholarship about the biases and imperfections within them. Because of the relationship between algorithms and information seeking, it has implications on information literacy education. What do we know about the algorithms and their influences on results and user behavior? How does metaliteracy fit into the equation? This poster looks to address these questions of algorithmic influence and metaliteracy through two means. First, it investigates the literature exploring the sources of algorithmic injustice and provides concrete examples. Then, it applies metaliteracy to algorithmic influences, which results in an action plan. Because metaliteracy is a foundational concept for the information literacy framework, it brings connection between librarian instruction goals and a trending societal concern.


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Catie Carlson is an Associate Librarian at the University of Cincinnati. She has a MLIS from Kent State University and an MEd from Tiffin University. Currently, she is a PhD student at Kansas State University in Adult Learning & Leadership.

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