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Visualizing interlibrary loan data to reveal user needs

Presented by

  • Shelby Stuart (Case Western Reserve University)


This poster will explore the results of a project to analyze and visualize data showing interlibrary loan requests for journals that an Ohio academic library made over a 4 year span. The presenter visualized the data in Tableau and set out to answer questions such as: * Can we use this data to expose gaps in the diversity of our journal collection?
 * Are journal titles showing up in this data that were cancelled in past content cuts?
 * Can this data help to inform future journal subscription acquisitions?
 The poster will cover the tools and techniques used to analyze and visualize the data. It will also show patterns revealed by the data that provide insight into user needs that aren’t being met by the current collection.


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Shelby Stuart is an early-career Electronic Resources Librarian at Case Western Reserve University. Her responsibilities include ordering, licensing, assessing, and maintaining access to electronic resources. She particularly enjoys working with library users to solve complex resource access issues.

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