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Building Awareness: Connecting Faculty to Library Streaming Video Resources

Presented by

  • Katy Tucker (Xavier University)


As part of a review of our streaming video collections, I conducted a survey to learn more about our faculty’s use of streaming video, and their perceptions and awareness of the library’s role in providing access to this content. The findings included that 41% of respondents were unaware that the library provided access to streaming video collections. The majority of respondents indicated that they did not know the library had funds available to support streaming. Conversely, 76% of respondents reported that they were using streaming video for instruction, with 65% using commercial services. The findings suggested a demand for streaming video, but less awareness of the resources we offered. To better position the library as a resource for quality streaming video, we conducted a streaming video workshop for our faculty. We aimed to provide a high level overview of many common issues surrounding streaming such as licensing, access, copyright, open educational resources, and effective pedagogy. In this poster, I will share our library’s experiences and offer strategies for engaging with faculty about streaming video resources, including how to establish your library as a source for stable, quality access, and how to market the expertise of your librarians on this topic.


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Katy Tucker is the Acquisitions & Electronic Resources Librarian at Xavier University.

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