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Thinking through Diversity in the University’s Music Library to Connect to the Academic Community and Beyond

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  • Trinidad Linares (Bowling Green State University)


I am using my positioning as a woman of color, as well as my cultural studies background, to better inform what I exhibit and what I post on Twitter on behalf of the music library where I work. To contest assumptions that relegate Native Americans to the past, my student, who is Native American, and I focused on two current Native American musicians who also do philanthropy. While doing a focused exhibits on marginalized groups or individuals is important, having them in conversation with others in their time period or genre can also provide much needed context. When I did our exhibit on dance crazes, I used a multitude of artists and different time periods. Then I highlighted women and artists of color in my tweets about the exhibit. People may think they do not know any song from a Jamaican Reggae chanteuse, but they know the Electric Slide. Our collection’s constraints, centering maleness and whiteness, does provide challenges. For instance, our collection’s well-known Asian artists mainly perform classical music or are not American so I had to research more rigorously for our exhibit on Asian American artists. My goal is to center marginalized people and illustrate their agency.


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Trinidad Linares (M.A., Popular Culture) is the Library Associate for the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives. She is the Area Chair for both Subculture and 9/11 in Popular Culture for the Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference 2021. She was a guest speaker at the Frederick Douglass Institute’s Kickoff Virtual Mini Conference at Slippery Rock University and the Asian Cultural Engagement Center at Virginia Tech for Filipino American History Month. Her writings have been published in Bitch, Meridians, and The Projector.

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